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cosmetic packaging boxes Why prints require special materials, techniques and printing techniques

by:SWIFT     2019-09-28
Printmaking is a type of painting. It has the general characteristics of painting and has its own unique characteristics. The characteristics of printmaking are determined by two aspects. First, it uses special materials and special techniques. Second, it has special printing techniques. The so-called printmaking is the use of tools such as knives and pens by the painter. It can be printed on or carved on the pages of different materials, and then several original drawings can be printed. The art of printmaking originates from the reproduction of ancient prints. At this period, the three paintings, engravings, and printings were in the state of division of labor. This kind of reproduction is called copying. Later, with the advancement of printing techniques, the prints gradually separated from the printing industry and formed an independent art. The painters painted themselves and printed themselves. This type of print is different from reproduction of prints and is called creation of prints. There are many types of prints. According to the nature of the layout and the materials used, they can be divided into three types: letterpress (woodcut prints, gelatin prints, paper prints, plaster prints), gravure (bronze prints, zinc prints), and lithographs (lithographs). Woodcut prints are woodcut prints. They are a kind of picture drawn by a knife on a wooden board and then printed by paper. It is the earliest form of printmaking in Chinese and foreign prints. There are three kinds of black and white woodcuts, woodblock woodcuts and watermark woodcuts on the printing. The gluing and woodcut prints are the same as the woodcut prints. The only difference is that it uses the gluing board as the material for the characterization. The copper engraving is described by a knife and a needle on a copper plate coated with a layer of anticorrosive wax, and then eroded by an acidic etching solution. The anticorrosive wax is carved into a concave line. When printing, the ink is rolled into the concave line and will be convex. The ink is wiped off, and then the paper is rolled up with a roller, so that the ink in the groove is printed on the paper, and a copper engraving work is made. The lithograph was a kind of print art developed on the basis of the lithograph wood invented by Sunnfelder in the 18th century. The artist first painted on the lithograph or specially made lead paper with oily inks, and then applied a layer of acid on the prints. Gum arabic, ink will be printed on the layout when printed, ink paintings to accept the ink but not to reject the ink everywhere, so spread the paper and then printed to show the various ink painting images. Related tags: Customized food packaging solutions bags, aluminum film bags manufacturers,
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