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cosmetic packaging boxes [Printing Technology] The methods and techniques for the use of reverse gravure inks are here

by:SWIFT     2019-09-26
Original Title: [Printing Technology] How to use the reverse gravure printing ink and its techniques are here. [Spotlight] The reverse gravure ink is a kind of special ink that allows the surface of the substrate to produce light reflection. It is printed on the transparent surface through the reverse printing. On the object to get a positive mirror reflection effect. The reverse silver ink can pay attention to the mirror to achieve a better mirror reflection. This article gives a brief introduction to the usage and techniques of the reverse gravure printing ink. 1. The reverse gravure ink is thin like water. The printing technique is the key. When the printing speed is slow, on the one hand, the gravure ink with the backside that is as thin as water will leak down the screen plate. On the other hand, the reverse gravure ink is easy to absorb the moisture in the air. After the printing, the mirror effect obtained is not good. For this reason, when printing, the reverse gravure ink must be continuously and quickly printed after being poured into the screen plate. Only in this way can the smooth printing be completed. The effect will have an impact, such as blocking the net, printing the ink off, scumming on the screen, etc. 2. The tension of the screen is slightly lower, and the distance between the screens is also adjusted, and the pressure of the squeegee is properly reduced. Otherwise, the formation of the mirror reflection effect will be destroyed. 3. The mirror reflection effect of the reverse gravure printing ink is related to the drying method. In terms of the mirror effect, the natural drying is not as good as the heating and drying. The temperature of the heating needs to be consistent with the drying time, otherwise the mirror performance and color saturation are also It will be different. 4. The environmental temperature and humidity of the reverse gravure printing ink is very important, because the ink is easy to dry on the screen, so it can not be used under the air circulation, otherwise it is very easy to block the network, when the humidity is high, the mirror effect is poor Therefore, avoid air movement and moisture as much as possible. 5, mechanical printing, the ink used in the back of the knife can not use hard aluminum or stainless steel, but should use glial ink knife to ensure that the reverse gravure ink coating uniform, so that the mirror effect is consistent. 6. The reverse gravure ink must be fully stirred before use so that the aluminum powder and the resin are fully mixed to ensure the appearance of the mirror effect. Otherwise, the mirror effect will be affected. Responsibility Editor: Complaints Related Tags: Customized food packaging solutions bags, aluminum film bags manufacturers,
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