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cosmetic packaging boxes Mayor Wu Caiping Inspects Fire Remediation Work in Rubber and Carton Printing Industry

by:SWIFT     2019-09-24
On the afternoon of January 8, Wu Caiping, deputy secretary of the Yuhuan City Party Committee, and mayor of the city of Yuhuan led the relevant person in charge of the city safety supervision, economics, iron boxing, and fire protection departments to go deep into some rubber and carton printing companies in Kanmen Street, and inspected the fire control work in the field. In Yuhuan Fangyu Plastic Film Co., Ltd., Wu Caiping and his party inspected the conditions of the firefighting facilities of the company's production workshop and warehouse in detail. The company found that the company's production workshop was not well-isolated in the inspection and there were raw materials scattered in the warehouse. The problem, Wu Caiping immediately asked the relevant person in charge of the company to immediately dismantle the wooden partitions, replace them with fire-retardant materials, and clean up the items occupying the fire exit passages, leaving life channels for employees. In the inspection, Wu Caiping returned the streets. Relevant person in charge must pay close attention to the company and ensure that it is immediately rectified and rectified. “How often do your fire safety inspections take place here?” “Are you going to operate the fire extinguisher?” In Yuhuan Jintian Carton Packing Co., Ltd., Wu Caiping asked the person-in-charge of the company side by side to inquire, saying that all types of raw materials for carton packaging solutions are Belong to flammable materials, fire safety must be put into practice in peacetime production operations. We must rectify the hidden dangers found, and build a line of defense for safe production. Later, Wu Caiping and his entourage came to Zhejiang Hongjian Rubber & Plastics Co., Ltd. to conduct inspections. In the company's production workshop, the inspection team found clear boundaries of the various divisions of the workshop and reserved enough fire exits. Fire-fighting hydrants, fire extinguishers and other fire-fighting facilities also Already equipped, in this regard, Wu Caiping fully affirmed, and encourage the person in charge of the company to increase investment in production safety on the basis of focusing on production capacity, to ensure the real realization of safe production. During the inspection, Wu Caiping stressed that the raw materials for the rubber and carton printing industry are almost all flammable materials. This company mainly takes the main responsibility and strengthens the fire safety inspection of the plant area. It must be determined to completely rectify the hidden dangers. At the same time, it is necessary to strengthen the fire safety education for employees, organize employees to carry out fire drills and fire drills, and raise employees' awareness of fire safety; in production and operation, we must adhere to the concept of safe production with life supreme and safety first, and promote smart electricity use. Time to avoid fire safety hazards caused by electricity problems. On the same day, Wu Caiping and his entourage went deep into Yuhuan Kanmen Rubber Factory to supervise the work of fire control. Related tags: Customized food packaging solutions bags, aluminum film bags manufacturers,
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