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conor system: the future in flexible coffee packaging.

by:SWIFT     2020-03-29
About twenty years ago, coffee was packed in everything except a paper can.
A collar bag or metal can is an anomaly.
This concept in 1974 Fres-
Was invented by Co.
Safety valve for coffee packaging.
Coffee packaging and consumer perceptions of \"fresh\" change forever with this new innovation.
Now, most educated consumers of coffee
Check valve with optimal freshness in pre-packaged coffee. Although Fres-
Since 1974, Co has been innovating in packagingR]
The packaging system launched in 1995 is the most striking in recent years.
The mural is Connor [R]
A \"flexible\" jar because half of itrigid shape. With its one-
Valve and special applicability to ground coffee, in the future, it may
Influence in the industry. Fres-
Co Systems USA
Deeply rooted in the packaging industry through its parent company, Goglio Luigi Milan, S. p. A.
They are located in Milan, Italy and have been doing flexible packaging since 1909.
I visited the Goglio Luigi factory in last October as part of a tour of the professional Coffee Association of America, and their huge modern facilities impressed me.
I am also pleased and honored to meet Louis Goglio Milan Luigi Goglio, spa. Fres-
The company established its own company in the United States. S.
The flexible packaging market of coffee began to develop in 1978.
Fres, based in Clindamycin Phosphate for Injection, Pennsylvania-Co.
Recently, the plant covers an area of 32 acres and covers an area of 200,000 square feet, with corporate offices, materials manufacturing, R & D and engineering services.
Their success in coffee packaging proved that more than 80% of their income came from the coffee market. Although Fres-
The company has left its mark on the entire coffee market, and their influence in the specialty coffee industry is particularly evident. When Fres-
Co introduced a
In 1974, this means that the entire bean specialty coffee can be packaged fresh from the bakers and all the aromatic substances are intact.
In addition, the packaging film can be printed with bold and colorful design to form a high-end, attractive packaging.
The quality of the full bean specialty coffee inside, the appeal of the bag and the ability to keep the coffee fresh, plus the convenience of prepackaged coffee, are more important than the cost for discerning coffee consumers.
With these happy consumers, why invent better packaging?
Although most of the flexible bags have one
Full Bean made of tee valve, Fres-Co.
Only about 15% of consumers have grinding machines at home. The CONOR[R]
The packaging concept, developed for other 85% consumers without coffee grinder, is an integrated system consisting of processes, shapes and technologies.
The packaging process is done on a machine in a controlled and modified atmosphere without oxygen.
Grinding and packaging is carried out in a low temperature environment of pure nitrogen immediately after coffee baking to eliminate any contact between coffee and oxygen and humidity in the atmosphere.
After Connor [R]
The package has been formed and it is located under the grinder to be filled.
In the actual grinding process, the liquid nitrogen cooling tool is used to avoid the influence of coffee heating on its quality.
The pressure generated by the grinder head forces any released gas back into the package, keeping the coffee volatile substance and fragrance inside until released after opening. Shape CONOR[R]
It\'s a flexible half.
Rigid \"tank\" in air\"
Tight, not round, very strong.
It begins with a flat film, which is transformed into bricks through a series of fold and rigid elements.
Which Fres-shaped tank-
Coffee is the ideal choice for Co.
Materials for the manufacture of containers can range from paper and polyethylene film to other thicker multi-layer film
Layer barrier laminate for coffee.
The internal removable sealing cover material can be fitted with a normal or selective stripping valve in an inert atmosphere, which also makes it suitable for coffee.
After the removable seal is applied inside, a recyclable cover is attached to the top of the container.
Finally, because of Connor [R]
The system is packaged in an inert atmosphere, the coffee retains its fragrance, reducing the quality loss after opening, and the packaging itself does not withstand the pressure caused by vacuum packaging. The CONOR[R]
In addition to being strong and protecting the freshness of coffee, packaging has several advantages for retailers.
There is a detachable seal inside-
Pass valve, easy to open, with recyclable hinges on the top.
Colorful packaging film itself, eyes
Capture design, box-
Like the shape, it can be easily stacked, the storage space and packaging materials required are much less than the cans, and due to Connor [R]
Uniform shape, light weight, lower cost than can transport.
Technology company [R]
The packaging is designed to maintain the aroma and taste of the coffee. To Fres-
Co, this is important because the human brain connects these two senses, and individuals cannot assess the quality of coffee unless both exist.
In other words, unless the coffee has a pleasant aroma, it is not considered to taste goodand CONOR[R]-
The packaged coffee is fresh and fragrant.
According to Raul Hauser, national system sales manager at CONOR [R]
The development of packaging is to attract companies that want to produce high quality, high-end products with the goal of discerning consumers who believe that taste and quality are more important than cost.
High-end products, including specialty coffee, are smaller than the sales of \"ordinary\" products, but have higher profit margins. The CONOR[R]
Special coffee for grinding.
It retains the freshness and aroma of the coffee, has an easy-to-open, reusable top for eye-catching design, and is the ideal new look for selling new premium products.
Hauser thinks Connor [R]
Especially suitable for large coffee roasters who are interested in producing high-end products, the overall sales of these products may be lower, but the profit margin will increase significantly. The CONOR[R]
The system is not cheap to set up.
However, once it is up and running, unit cost of CONOR [R]
Somewhere between cans and cans-way valve bag.
If Connor [looks like]R]
The packaging gives you a bit of an unusual feeling. CONOR[R]
It is a new innovation in packaging.
Remember the first time you saw one
The valve in the bag? I do.
I think this is the longest time with many others.
A strange thing. Now a one-
Way valve is the first thing I\'m looking for in any pre-
Bags of whole bean coffee.
I wouldn\'t have considered buying without coffee. The CONOR[R]
What\'s the chance to get to the ground specialty coffee market-
Full bean market valve bag.
If you have any questions about Fres
Co\'s track record in introducing successful packaging innovations and looking at several of their milestones (see sidebar).
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Co\'s 1974 investors in innovative coffee packaging valves in coffee packaging.
1982 single-
Wall brick packaging.
1982 USA first coffee vacuum package with valveS.
The first vacuum coffee bag of 1983, gas rinse on the back.
1983 inventor of simple open coffee bag.
1983 the first transparent high barrier coffee package.
Introduction to the 1985 \"mother package\" system.
Introduction of 1986 folding reclosing.
Before 2 ounce 1987
Retail Cathedral vacuum packaging.
1988 introduction to the first high barrier coffee bag with iron cans-tie in U. S.
The inventor of the \"double wall\" package was 1988.
1988 plastic/paper coffee brick on the first package.
1991 First Premium Packagein-
Coffee package.
1995 introduction to Connor [R]
Packaging system.
Conor is a registered trademark.
Con stands for \"container\" and \"or\" for Italian words at the level (
A container that is processed, processed and tilled horizontally and then opened). Fres-
Co Systems USA
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