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Colorful clothing packaging box design

by:SWIFT     2021-01-26

Our common clothing packaging boxes have square, rectangular and round structures. However, designers are no longer satisfied with these rules. They have even more wonderful ideas. Combined with the packaging design at home and abroad, these clothing packaging boxes have not only made major changes in the packaging structure, but also have more and more choices of packaging materials.

Burn Card's clothing packaging box is inspired by playing cards, and designers think the style of playing cards is very cool. Therefore, they designed such a large playing card box, packed all T-shirts into it, and combined all the elements of the brand together, which led to the production of playing card clothing packaging boxes.

If you don't explain it to the customer, many people will think of this packaging box as a milk carton, and will never regard it as a clothing box. But in fact, it does exist as a packaging for clothing. Open this box and you will find a cool lega lega T-shirt and a small picture book inside.

In the market, it is rarely said that PVC materials are made into clothing packaging boxes, but Bulldog T-shirts broke this convention and unexpectedly used PVC boxes. In our opinion, this box is actually more like a storage box with a black label on the outside, which is very simple in design.

This is a sportswear packaging box. Houdini clothing brand needs a packaging that can convey the brand values ??and make the product stand out in the store. The shape of this clothing packaging box is designed into a track style, with related product information on the top, front and side of the packaging box.
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