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Clothing packaging form and external packaging

by:SWIFT     2021-01-26

1. What are the forms of clothing packaging? What are the characteristics of each? Which clothing is suitable for?

(1) Folding packaging.

This packaging method is the most commonly used form in clothing packaging, and the key parts of the style are displayed in a visible position. Folding should flatten the ironing task after disassembly. In order to avoid loosening, use a scalp pin or glue clip to fix it in the proper position. To avoid deformation, cardboard can be lined. After being folded, it can be put into the corresponding packaging bag or box.
Clothing packaging box samples
(2) Vacuum packaging.

This is a packaging technique that came out in 1970. After putting the garment into the plastic bag, the air in the bag and the garment is evacuated, and then the bag mouth is glued. Vacuum packaging can reduce clothing volume and weight, facilitate storage and transportation, and reduce transportation costs. It is especially suitable for some large linters.

(3) Three-dimensional packaging.

Three-dimensional packaging is mostly used for high-end packaging. This method is to put the clothing on the hanger, and the outer clothing bag, which restrains the wrinkles of the clothing after folding packaging and transportation, and adheres to the superior appearance, which is beneficial to the display of the company. Higher cost.
Clothing packaging box details
(4) Inner and outer packaging.

The inner packaging is also called small packaging, and there are single-piece and sleeve-packed units in the number for retail. For example, packaging with 5 or 10, 6 or 12 units as the unit to facilitate distribution, measurement, and reassembly. Outer packaging and transportation packaging are to add a layer of packaging outside the inner packaging of the product. Its effect is to maintain the safety of commodities in a smooth process, making loading and unloading, transportation, storage, storage and measurement more convenient.

(5) Box packaging.

Box packaging is a more popular rigid packaging method. It has the advantages of low cost, good strength, and beautiful appearance, but it has limited packaging, large volume, and high-level transportation costs. The packaging box has a folding box and a fixed box. The folding box box is marked with box specifications, data thickness, density, etc., so that the selected folding box is consistent with the product. The fixed box is made according to the size of the folded product, its shape and size.
Collection of clothing packaging
2. What are the requirements for clothing packaging?

1. The outer packaging can be made of cardboard boxes and other materials, and the packaging materials should be dry, clean and firm. The technical requirements of corrugated boxes should comply with GB/T6543 regulations.

2. The carton should be lined with moisture-proof materials that can protect product quality.

3. The lid and bottom seal of the carton should be tight and firm, and the sealing paper should be straight and flat.
Apparel outer packaging sample details

4. The outside of the box can be tied with straps, etc., and the buckle is firm.

5. The size of inner and outer packaging is appropriate.
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