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Clothing packaging bag design and structure

by:SWIFT     2021-01-26

In addition to the different meanings brought by the bag-shaped design and structure of clothing packaging bags, different styles of packaging bags are designed for a certain clothing product with a certain bag-shaped structure. For example, the packaging of women’s skirts is generally designed as a vertical rectangle. It is generally designed to be a horizontal rectangle for packaging underwear, and for children's socks, generally smaller specifications are designed. In addition, a graphic text LOGO is usually designed on the packaging to represent the description of each product and some brand introduction. Some customers want to set off their own brand, so they directly design the text LOGO required by their brand on the surface of the clothing packaging bag. Some customers It is for the new product of the company to design the text of the new product on the surface of the clothing packaging bag. The bag-shaped structure can be designed any way, and you can also have a hanger hook on it, which is mainly convenient and easy to use.

1. First understand the size and shape of the product, the purpose of the product, whether the product packaging has special requirements (such as anti-counterfeiting, special materials, etc.)

2. If there is an idear, you can do hand-painting on paper first~ This process may require several modifications (such as size, structure, plane)

3. Generally, the plan of designing packaging must first draw its structure diagram, and then export the structure diagram to AI for drawing of the graphic design, and remember the bleeding design~~

4. After the design is confirmed by the merchant, it can be printed out!

In any case, in the graphic color design of clothing packaging bags, graphic color also plays a key role in the design theory of clothing packaging bags. Nowadays, the text structure of clothing packaging bags is becoming more and more reasonable. Nor will we no longer use overly complex and uncommon fonts, only concise and clear text will not be prone to failure packaging design, so that it will be designed more widely.

What are the characteristics of clothing packaging design

Everyone has a heart for beauty. With the continuous changes of the times, more and more people have more requirements on the choice of clothing. In order to meet the needs of such consumers, many clothing merchants often carry out clothing packaging. Well-designed to make consumers look beautiful and majestic from the outside, what are the characteristics of clothing packaging design?

1. Simplicity

When we buy clothes, it is not difficult to find that most of the clothes use a solid color, and then match a logo, and then the logo is bronzed or silver. This simple design is favored by most clothing merchants.

2. High-end

In order to reflect the quality of clothing, clothing packaging design often uses some better materials as packaging materials, so that the materials are much more high-end than ordinary packaging, and of course the cost is relatively high.

3. Not too much color

Because a clothing package needs to reflect the high-end sense, it often uses 1 color and even the auxiliary colors are minimized. It is completely hoped that the quality of the material can be reflected.
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