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by:SWIFT     2019-09-29
1. Book commonly used finished product size (unit: mm) Standard: (A4)210X285 (A5)210X140 (B4)260X185 (B5)125X180 More: 250X250 285X285 420X285 370X250 210X210 128X250 138X285 140X105 125X85 2. Book Common Paper Standard: Cover 300g double copper (dumb powder) Inside 157g double copper (dumb powder) Cover 250g double copper (dumb powder) Inside page 157g double copper (dumb powder) Cover 250g double copper (dumb powder) Inside 128g Double copper (dumb powder) 3. Book common process standard binding: saddle stitches, lock line glued, wireless glue, square ridge hardcover, round ridge hardcover, soft leather hardcover, Gulong binding, iron ring binding, car wire binding standard Process: Light glue, dumb glue, local UV, full UV, hot stamping, concave and convex, striking convex, embossed, over oil, facing, beer, sticky. 4. Cover commonly used product size (unit: mm) Standard: 215X (300 + 75) 220X (310 + 80) 250X (350 + 75) Envelope commonly used paper, process standard paper: 350 g double copper (dumb powder), 300 Ke double copper (dumb powder) standard process: light glue, dumb plastic, local UV, full UV, bronzing, concave and convex, hit convex, embossed, over oil, on the side, beer, sticky. 5. Normally used finished bag size (unit: mm) Standard: Height 430X (width 320+thickness 105) Height 400X (width 290+thickness 80) Height 260X (width 330+thickness 90) Height 240X (width 300+thickness 70) High 300X (270 + 80 thick) 320X high (220 + 65 thick) High 280X (195 + 60 thick) High 290X (150 + 55 thick) High 210X (155 + 55 thick) 6. Handbags are commonly used Paper standard: 250g single powder card, 230g single powder card, 300g single powder card, 250g double copper. 7. Bags commonly used process standards: plastic, matte, local UV, full UV, bronzing, bump, hit convex, embossed, oil, confrontation, beer, stick, hit the corns 8. Bags commonly used rope standard : cotton rope, nylon rope, special dragon, ribbon. 9. Poster commonly used finished product size (unit: mm) Standard: (A1) 850X580 (A2) 580X420 (B1) 750X525 (B2) 530X375 More: 420X285 370X250 720X420 680X370 Poster commonly used paper standard: 250 grams of double copper, 200 grams double Copper, 157g Double Copper 10. Folding Common Finished Product Size (Unit: mm) Fourfold Standard: Fold Up 210X285 Expand 840X285 Fold Up 185X250 Expand 740X250 Fold Up 105X285 Expand 420X285 Triple Fold Standard: Fold Up 210X285 Expand 630X285 Fold Up 190X420 Expand 570X420 Collapse 140X285 Expand 420X285 Collapse 95X210 Expand 285X210 Collapse 185X265 Expand 555X265 Collapse 170X375 Expand 520X375 Collapse 120X265 Expand 360X265 11. Fold Commonly Used Paper, Process Standard Paper: 250g Copper (dumb), 300 Copper double matte (dumb powder), 200 g double copper (dumb powder), 157 g double copper (dumb powder) Standard process: light glue, matte rubber, local UV, full UV, hot stamping, bump, hit convex, embossed , over oil, press line folding more: double copper matte powder with high and middle low difference, the printing quality will be different. Professionally adapted to a variety of design styles of specialty paper. Envelope commonly used product size (unit: mm) Chinese envelope: 9: finished 324X229 machine is 4 open 7: finished 229X162 machine is 8 open 5: finished 220X110 machine is 8 open 3: finished 176X125 on the machine 16 Western-style envelopes: 9: Finished 324X229 machine is on 4 open 7: finished 229X162 on the machine is 8 on the 5th: finished 220X110 on the machine is 8 on the 3rd: finished 162X114 on the machine is 16 open 12. envelopes commonly used paper Standard paper: No. 9 140g book paper (kraft paper), No. 7 120g book paper (kraft paper), No. 5 100g book paper (kraft paper) 13. Color page commonly used finished product size (unit: mm) Standard: (A4) 210X285 (A5)210X140 (B4)260X185 (B5)125X180 More:420X285 370X250 140X105 210X70 14.About invitations, greeting cards, hangtags, hardcover color boxes, and more. Printed paper size, paper, craft: Invitations, greeting cards are used Invite potential customers or carriers that wish to have already cooperated customers, and the texture requirements are high. Generally, they will not be mass-produced. Therefore, the papers are mainly made of specialty papers and imported papers. The special paper sizes are often different from ordinary papers, and invitation letters and greeting cards are designed. When used in combination with paper Dimensions to plan its size are best suited. The design of invitations and greeting cards will also be combined with design ideas in the design process, using more suitable techniques to achieve outstanding style and vision. Tag size, shape, 10,000 liters, mostly based on the use of paper to plan its size. With the increasing emphasis on branding by companies, the use of special paper and imported paper, and high-end craftsmanship with a clear process, are also rapidly increasing. Hardcover color box, mainly divided into product packaging solutions and gift box, no matter what kind of box, the size can only be based on the packaged items to develop. The paper material is also based on the weight of the article, transportation, storage and other factors. As for the craft, it is mainly to combine and highlight the style and vision of the packaging solutions box. Related tags: Customized food packaging solutions bags, aluminum film bags manufacturers,
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