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apparel packaging boxes Three identification methods for banknotes: print resolution, paper resolution, watermark resolution

by:SWIFT     2019-09-26
1. The positive back side of the printing resolution real money is the engraving gravure printing, the hair roots of the characters are clear and eloquent, and the lines are bright and clean. Carefully explored, you can feel the texture of each hair portrait. Counterfeit banknotes are lithographic printing and four-color overprint, so the pattern is uneven and the texture is not clear. The paper pattern is also composed of dots. If you look at the magnification of about 8 times, you can see that the lines or curves are all formed by small dots, disorderly and disorderly. Special portraits of hair are piled up by dots of ink, so the hair is not recognizable. 2、Paper resolution paper for real money use special coinage paper, which is thin in hand, and the whole paper is not fluorescent under UV light. The yellow paper and blue fluorescent fiber are irregularly distributed in the paper, and it is visible to the naked eye under sunlight. The lower fiber has fluorescence reflection; while the counterfeit banknote is a common offset paper or ordinary writing paper, which has a thicker handle and a smooth surface. Under the ultraviolet light, the currency paper exhibits white fluorescence and there is no yellow-blue fluorescent fiber. 3, watermark resolution method True watermark watermark paper pulp is not completely draught in the papermaking process, dried before the mold formed by extrusion, the pressure of the size of the formation of the image of the light and shade level, and the level of natural transition, full of charm, clear images, strong three-dimensional. The counterfeit banknote watermark is made by hand, and the quality is poor, causing the counterfeit banknote paper with the watermark end to wrinkle. Related tags: Customized food packaging solutions bags, aluminum film bags manufacturers,
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