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apparel packaging boxes The difference between computer-printed Thangka and hand-painted Thangka in 2018 and market conditions

by:SWIFT     2019-09-26
In 2018, the difference between computer-printed Thangka and hand-painted Thangka and the market conditions There were some imitations of Thangka (real-named printed matter) with “exquisite workmanship and beautiful appearance” on the market. Most of these Thangkas are modern in Taiwan or Japan. The printing technology of the cloth, after the computer synthesis, cooperated with the advanced printing printing technology, produced the hand-printed Thangka very similar to the printed Thangka. Among the Thangkas produced by these computers, some of them are even more beautiful than the ordinary Thangka painters who have drawn Thangka by hand. Of course, the cost of the Thangka produced by these machines is also relatively low. The difference between the computer-printed Thangka and the hand-painted Thangka: 1. The Thangka collection has been favored at home and abroad in recent years. The price increase is very fast. The decisive factor is the scarcity of Thangka in the market. Good hand-painted Thangka works, according to statistics, no more than 10,000 in the world each year, of which a large proportion of custom-made temples will not be dispersed to the market. Many people regard the collection of Thangka as a kind of investment and value-preserving and value-added financial management methods, which has led to the emergence of Thangka's collection. Of course, the printed Thangka will never be able to maintain its value because its printing pigment composition is a chemical agent, and the “Thangka” surface color will fade in a very short period of time, peel off, and the true mineral pigment of the Thangka. The characteristics of the collections that remain unchanged for millennia are not comparable. Secondly, the mystery of Thangka comes from the special rituals when drawing Thangka. Thangka's drawing is very demanding on portrait masters, including the drawing of the former body, the chanting, the visualization, and the completion of the Thangka. Opening and blessing. Therefore, each of the Thangkas has condensed the blood and sweat of the gods. Think of the completed Thangka as a living Buddha, a master, and three treasures. The printed Thangka only needs electricity and machinery, and it loses all meaning of meaning and vitality of the doctrine. Third, a hand-drawn fine Thangka takes 6 months to one year from grinding cloth, gluing, rendering to completion (some Thangka drawing time will be longer); a printing 'Thangka' The ordinary machine can produce 'Thangka' with hundreds or nearly a thousand prints in an hour, and its collection value will not need to be said. The Tangka Art Network Certification Center of China does not make any meaningful assessment comments on this kind of computerized mechanism. Resolutely advocated the protection of China’s intangible cultural heritage and did not hope that these cultural treasures in the long river of history would disappear in modern society. When the exquisite embroidery of Jiangnan, the porcelain of Jingdezhen, the folk paper-cuts of Shaanxi, etc., were all produced from several computer-connected machines, then the ancient civilization that has been circulating for thousands of years in China has disappeared from our lives. The intangible cultural heritage will not exist! Because of the continuous updating of the production techniques of printed Thangka in recent years, there are many printed Thangkas on the market, and a small number of merchants sell the Thangkas as hand-painted Thangkas for sale, and The price is very high. Thanks to the continuous improvement in the technical aspects of the Thangka production of printed materials, we have not introduced an effective identification method to the requisitioners. We can only recommend the Thangka collectors to pay more attention to the formalities when they are requisitioned. Institutional requisitions are more secure. Related tags: Customized food packaging solutions bags, aluminum film bags manufacturers,
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