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Anyone Love Lavender? You'll Love These.

by:SWIFT     2020-06-30
Home products that serve a dual purpose are such a find so you might pleased to know that we have recently added an associated with products that aren't just brilliant at repelling moths, but have got a wonderful lavender smell if enjoy lavender, you'll love these. Made from aromatic cedar, that's found only in America, it naturally protects clothes from Moths, refreshes with the forest-fresh scent of cedar and is available infused with Purple. Made by Woodlore who only use selectively cut lumber & natural reforestation methods, with such techniques the forests are safe. These are long lasting products and so great value to rejuvenate the fragrance of aromatic cedar lightly sand with medium sandpaper or spray with Woodlore Cedar Spray or Wood lore Cedar Spray with Lavender. To protect and refresh items inside your drawers and on shelves use the Deluxe Wood lore Essential Cedar Wood Drawer Liners Infused with Lavender (5/pack). Tongue & groove edging ensures a cushty fit. To protect fine linens place acid free tissue paper between Drawer & Shelf Liners & delicates. The Wood lore Cedar Sachets infused with Lavender Oil provide great protection against moths and also ideal to freshen storage areas, bins, wardrobes or travel luggage. The Sachet can be rolled between your hands to rejuvenate the scent. These will make and ideal found. You can go ahead and take forest fresh scent with you with Aromatic Cedar Wood Blocks infused with Lavender Fragrance being that they are great for Suitcases & Gym Bags and also Closets, Garment Storage Covers & Boxes, Night stands. Each block measures 70mm x 48mm x 20mm generally there are 4 blocks per pack. They create a great and useful gift, presented in a stylish gift box. Discover tomorrow about more great Lavender infused Moth Deterrents usually are ideal for your wardrobe too.
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