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3d printing is finally ready for its close-up

by:SWIFT     2020-03-28
For manufacturers, \"zero inventory\" is almost impossible to obtain. But cutting-
Edge 3D printing technology brings new hope to managers.
The company announced Tuesday that it had raised $0. 26 billion in growth.
The San Francisco company is developing a platform where executives claim to bring 3D printing technology
Mass production.
This means the end of inventory and the beginning of the new business model.
3D printing is a cool idea.
You can specify the product details, insert raw materials such as resin or plastic metal into the black box, and press a button to print.
Hardware and digital files are responsible for the rest.
You got a working prototype a few hours later.
Traditional 3D printers use layered systems.
The beads of the material are carefully stacked until the product is formed. The hang-
The relationship between oxygen and light.
Oxygen prevents the curing process, and light turns the material into a solid.
Engineers at carbon companies have brought the process to a climax.
Carbon 3D printers eliminate layering by means of a process called Continuous Liquid Interface Production (CLIP).
It may sound a bit like a semiconductor design.
There are good reasons for this.
The carbon emissions company employs experienced engineers by sandkla Tencor, two leading semiconductor equipment companies-application materials.
They know one or two about using light and material science to make complex products.
This is the beauty of carbon.
The company has innovated 3D printing by controlling light and oxygen to set shapes.
The mechanical properties are then determined by chemistry.
As a result, technology has attracted investments from companies such as Adidas, Johnson & Johnson, Fidelity and Sequoia Capital.
Its editing method goes beyond HP\'s slower 3D printing technology, while expanding the scope of use
Electronics, sophisticated medical devices, industrial components and all sorts of cool things.
Adidas used the technology in 2018 to print 100,000 pairs for its futuristic craft 4D sneakers.
While this is only a small part of its global production, this shoe is a game shoe as it takes the company one step closer to zero inventory.
Printed shoes greatly shorten the time it takes for models to move from design to store shelves.
It makes small batches economical.
Ultimately, this will drive manufacturing. to-
Future order market.
Customers buy brand goods that meet their own specifications online, and then manufacturers 3D print the products and ship them.
It was a win for buyers as they got the customizationmade products.
This is a win for the seller as it means there is no factory, no inventory and no bigger profit.
Carbon does not waste time.
The company will use the funds to expand research and development, expand to the European and Asian markets, and accelerate the development of software and materials science.
The business is currently in 14 countries.
Printing has increased by 33 times in the past 12 months.
In January, it will start using polymer components in the production of F-
150 and Mustang.
A month later, Riddell, a sports equipment manufacturer, said it would adopt 3D technology.
The print line of its precision diamond football helmet.
The campaign puts carbon and some competitors at the center of the lucrative 3D printing industry.
Deloitte Global predicts that the market for 3D printers, materials and services will reach $2.
2019 7 billion-
An increase of 12. 6%.
However, there are very few pure 3D printed stocks that are publicly traded.
One name that interests me is align Technology.
San Jose produces Invisalign, a leading product in the extremely lucrative business of correcting teeth without a metal braces.
Creating a shiny smile needs to move the teeth mmby-
In a carefully planned way.
It\'s hard in math.
The situation will change for every new patient.
At the heart of Align is an algorithm to pre-determine the plastic mold series that patients will wear, a Mexican factory buzzing with 50 Statesof-the-
Produce 220000 art 3D printer with clear alignersper day.
Shares traded at 38.
Forward earnings from Forward and 11x sales.
However, the business is growing rapidly.
Revenue surged by 33 in 2018.
5% to $2 billion.
Profits surged 73% to $0. 4 billion.
Align only produces products for orders.
This makes it a zero.
Inventory Business. Risk-
Market-oriented investors should consider buying.
Based solely on sales growth, shares could reach $520 over the next two years.
At the current level, that would mean 89% of the revenue.
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