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3 ways to practice the art of customer retention in your ecommerce business

by:SWIFT     2020-03-23
Everyone knows that it\'s cheaper to keep customers than to buy them, but most companies still focus on acquisitions.
If you want to make your e-commerce business sustainable, it is important not to ignore the art of retaining customers.
Unfortunately, customers are often less loyal (
Unless you are Warby Parker).
Turning your new customers into brand advocates requires a lot of nurturing.
Fortunately, it\'s fairly simple to create a strong customer retention strategy that enhances your current strategy with a few simple steps.
Focusing on three key areas can help you improve your current strategy or give you a good start in creating a new one.
Email sending targeted follow-up emails is a key step in retaining customers that many companies often overlook.
The concept is simple: you will send a targeted tracking after the first purchase by the customerup email to re-
Contact with them.
When your client is very interested in your business, the first email should be sent immediately after purchase (
After all, they just made a purchase.
If you want to tell them something about your business, this is the best time to do so.
It is recommended to buy a similar product, share your latest blog post and even provide a discount code for their next purchase.
The key here is to get them interested in your company while they are still \"hot.
Sending abandoned cart emails to recover lost potential sales is also very effective.
Maybe the customer was distracted, did not complete the purchase, changed his mind, or had trouble checking out.
The reason is not important as long as you send at least an abandoned shopping cart recovery email. 75.
Of the top 3% e-commerce companies cultivated using abandoned shopping carts, 500 sent recovery emails within one hour of giving up their shopping carts.
50% of the customers who purchased from these emails did so within an hour after giving up the cart. (source)
Prove that timing is everything in your email marketing strategy.
Customer engagement is critical to improving customer retention.
One of the best
Often Overlooked
The way to build customer engagement is through the only physical interaction between the customer and the brand: the unpacking experience. (source)
In the past, packaging was only a necessary condition for e-commerce.
But now, it has become an opportunity for you to meet. and surpass)
Customer expectations.
The possibility of packing an axe in a wooden box with real shavings is actually low.
You might spend more money to get away.
Effective Solution
However, your customers are very likely to remember the brand of your unique packaging and share the product image on social media! User-
The content generated on social media will increase the traffic of your brand, increase the visibility and \"social proof \".
For more ideas on how to increase customer engagement, check out Bevel and Birchbox: they did the right thing.
The last and most important way for customer service to improve customer retention is to provide excellent customer service.
Happy customers are more likely to come back than dissatisfied customers.
If Amazon is the company that suddenly appears in your mind when we say customer service, that would be great!
Although they are a large internet retailer, their customer service is impeccable.
Although you may not be an e-commerce giant like Amazon, you can still provide their level of customer service.
Customer service interactions are almost four times more likely to lead to disloyalty, so use tools like Groove to help scout, or Zendesk is a great way to monitor all of your customer service requests and make sure every customer is taken care.
For more information on how to make customer service compete with Amazon, check out this great article by Alex Turnbull of Groove about competing with big brands.
While these three areas are a good starting point, there is much more in the world of customer retention.
If none of these are suitable for your business (
Or if you\'re already doing it
, Do your research and find out what you can do to improve this indicator.
82% of companies say it\'s cheaper to keep customers than to buy them, and you can\'t help it.
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