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12 best eye masks

by:SWIFT     2020-03-26
About three times in our lives we fell asleep, during which our body and mind were rested.
Long ago, sleep patterns were determined by nature-we lay down in the dark and got up in the light.
Today, however, busy lifestyles, techniques, shift patterns and a range of other factors mean that many of us try to capture some valuable sleep during the day or when surrounded by distractions.
That\'s why the sleep mask is a must.
There are so many sleep accessories.
Jackie Hearst
Home Sleep specialist with visual support services explains: \"Sleep helps our body recover and goes through the period of recovery it takes to work regularly the next day.
\"It is generally believed that 95% of people need 7 to 9 hours of sleep a day to get to their best-or rather, people who sleep less than 7 hours will experience mental and
\"Sleeping in a dark room as much as possible helps people fall asleep faster because the bright lights suppress melatonin (
Hormones that make us feel sleepy)
Stimulate the sun and keep us awake for a long time.
\"The best way to create a dark environment is to install some high
High quality curtains or blinds to avoid daylight as much as possible.
\"Using a sleep mask is a great option as it allows individuals the option to forcibly turn off the lights.
\"With this in mind, we put some of the best sleep --
Test the mask.
They all wore at least three nights and compared them based on how effectively they block the light, how beautiful they are, their comfort, availability, if they have good value, if they help the wearer get the Holy Grail of a good night\'s sleep.
You can trust our independent review.
We may get commissions from some retailers, but we never allow this to affect from the real-
World testing and expert advice.
This income helps us to fund the news business of the whole independent country.
Dog gel eye mask: 5, Neon Sheep don\'t be fooled by the look of this mask, because hiding behind a cheeky dog face is the most ingenious concept.
Sandwiched between the soft polyester fabric backing and the plastic outer layer is a layer of gel beads.
This allows preheating or cooling the mask, depending on your preference.
To heat it, just place it in the microwave for 10 seconds, and if it\'s not hot enough, place it for another 10 seconds.
Then lie down and use Velcro-
When you enjoy the warmth of the mask, fasten the elastic band to fix it in place to help you fall asleep (
This is faster than the time required for the mask to cool in the case of our testers).
Or, if you need to refresh yourself, just put the mask in the refrigerator or freezer before you want to use it (
Make sure the beads are still soft, not frozen).
Then use it as a cooling eye mask.
This mask offers 100 shade, and the black fabric means it won\'t make upup marks.
Quirky and funny, our testers had to work hard to get it back from the kids she loves bead textures and dog designs.
The mask can be reused over and over again, and once you fall asleep wearing it, it\'s hard for you not to have it.
Buy nowAmara x es bee eye mask-charcoal: £ 20 designed by Elizabeth Scarlett and unique to Amara, this gray cotton eye mask feels thicker and harder
Than some other wear on the market.
The luxurious soft gray fabric is embroidered on the most beautiful Golden Bee and comes with a stylish gray pouch, which is also decorated with gold.
The elastic strap feels like it can withstand a variety of uses, and the velvet reverse provides a molelike softness.
The scent of lavender is relaxing and not too strong, the mask is very beautiful, but also very effective, completely blocking the light.
This stylish pouch is the perfect gift or ideal mask for vacation.
Buy a lavender eye mask for nowAroma home cream faux fur and satin: £ 12.
The mask is beautifully packaged and is a gift made of soft faux fur.
The inside of the mask feels like silk, but it is 100% polyester, and when you put it on, it has a gorgeous lavender scent, but it is not strong. While the pale-
The colored fabric means it is easy to show any makeup marks and can be cleaned with a damp sponge.
Our testers found that it gives a little light around the bottom of the nose, but not enough to prevent sleep.
Buy nowOrihea contour eye mask: from £ 6.
99, the sleep eye mask is different from all the other eye masks, it is a 3D contour eye mask.
This means that the shape of the memory foam will not touch your lashes or eyes.
This makes it perfect for taking a nap during the day, during which you want your makeup --
Keep tact, but also ideal for anyone who doesn\'t like the eye being touched by a mask.
For our testers, it blocks 100% of the light, and the thick elastic band is fixed with a hidden Velcro so it doesn\'t get caught up with long hair.
It also comes with a handy bag and a set of earbuds to guarantee final sleep satisfaction!
Buy a box of 5 and buy 15. Space Social media is crazy about these masks. They’re self-
Heat and brag about being able to \"transport you to another dimension-relieve fatigue, eye fatigue and many other Earth tensions \".
They are packed in boxes of five individually sealed masks.
Within seconds of opening a bag and putting it on your eyes, we can feel the mask starting to heat up slowly.
Obviously, this is due to the fact that the oxygen molecules in the atmosphere \"embrace\" the iron particles of the mask in the natural heat exchange.
It\'s a very strange feeling to feel your eyes getting warmer while you\'re lying there, but for these cold winter nights it\'s perfect.
Masks should keep warm for about 15 minutes, but our testers are always asleep when they cool down.
The only downside is heating.
The Up aspects are non-reusable, so once they are used once, while they can still be reused as normal masks, they will feel a bit Ridge and not heat Up.
Buy the nowFloral Silk Eye Mask: £ 25, BONSOIR london, made of 100% Silk, designed with beautiful floral freedom, this eye mask feels luxurious-like you should climb up
Wear the poster bed!
The mask feels soft and light to the skin, and the elastic silk strap ensures that it stays the same all night, but does not put too much pressure on the eyes.
Although there is a little light penetration around the nose, it provides enough darkness for our testers to fall asleep quickly.
No doubt it is stylish and a perfect gift and looks just as good on the bedside table.
Buy the Noviye mask with lavender tropical leaves: £ 20, Catherine and Joan, not on the commercial street made in front of the velvet backing cotton satin, this bright
The mask is very-trend.
The velvet elastic headband is soft and not too thick, so it doesn\'t feel uncomfortable when sleeping, and the mask provides a 100% power outage for our testers.
The scent of lavender is absolutely sacred and will not be too strong, the mask looks very gorgeous and you will want to put it on the display when it is not in use.
Buy nowEyes silk eye mask-black eyes: £ 20, AmaraMade made of silk with soft velvet on the back, this mask has an extra fabric flap on the bridge of the nose, this is the perfect choice to prevent the penetration of light.
It includes two lightweight elastic straps to prevent it from sliding up and down at night.
The quirky embroidery closed-eye design is interesting, and while the exterior of the mask is white, the interior fabric that touches your eyes is black, making it more practical not to highlight the makeup marks.
Buy the nowDormibene pure silk sleep mask set: £ 7.
99, Sleepeyemask. co.
The unique thing about UkThe mask is its adjustable elastic band that guarantees it fits anyone-no matter how big or small your head and hair is-and doesn\'t dig in or slide down.
Made of 100% pure silk, this mask is luxurious, soft and lightly filled.
The mask is so long on the face that it does not allow any light debris to penetrate around the nose or into the cheek area.
It also comes with a convenient black rope bag, perfect for a vacation or work trip.
The fact that it is black on the inside is also an added benefit as it does not show any marks of mascara.
Buy nowSilk Eye Mask: £ 25, White Company made of 100% silk satin, this navy and white spotted eye mask looks classic and stylish.
Dark navy material helps to block the light and only a small amount of penetration around the lower nasal path.
Light weight, fragrance-
It is free, in a plastic bag, it is luxurious but functional.
Buy the bright eyes of nowbeutybio: £ 30, current body. This dark pink silky sleep mask is embroidered with the words \"offline\" on the front.
It is part of the \"holiday\" series, which includes five bags of eye masks, described as \"illuminating the colloidal silver and collagen eye masks\" and promises to \"bring back your bright eyes \".
When one of the bags was opened, the two tore
The shape patches inside are slippery, but stick well to the skin and can be used under the eyes to aim for edema, wrinkles and dark circles, or to use the nose on the side of the mouth --to-
Mouth Crow feet.
They felt cold when initially applied, but after a few minutes the testers forgot that they were there.
After 10 minutes, you can remove the patch and put on the sleep mask.
This bedtime routine feels very relaxed, and although there is no significant difference in wrinkles after just one day, after three days, the eye area of the tester looks fresher and healthier.
This set of devices together creates a relaxing sleep experience, adding additional benefits to improving the appearance of the skin around the eyes.
Of course, a soft, silky mask can be used for a long time after the patch is used up.
Buy sleep mask and earbuds set: £ 2.
This mask is made of a soft padded black cotton cloth with an adjustable elastic band that is basic but effective.
There is an extra fabric flap at the bottom of the nose bridge to prevent any light from penetrating around the nose, unstrap and elastic, so it would be great if you didn\'t want to pull your hair to the top of your head.
It is also equipped with foam earbuds to make the whole sleep paradise.
Buy now judgment: the best sleep mask to provide a full power outage is very cost-effective
Effective and provides the added benefit of warming or cooling, the dog gel eye mask for neon sheep is the winner.
Comfortable to wear and very comfortable on a cold night, our testers returned to this mask again and again while sleeping and praised it for helping her to leave quickly, even if the screen in the bedroom is distracting.
The black fabric means it doesn\'t look dirty even after continuous use, and the whole family is scrambling to put it on.
If you are looking for a pure functional product for a day nap or on the plane, the Orihea contour eye mask for Sleepeyemask. co. uk was ideal.
Although it is not particularly luxurious, it will not touch your eyes and provide the fact that it is completely black
For anyone who wants to block all interference while keeping manufacturing, out is perfect-up intact.
Amara x es bee eye mask is a luxurious and irresistible eye mask for anyone looking for a nice gift.
Beautiful, stylish, with a sacred taste, you will have a hard time
Go find a friend who doesn\'t thank you for giving them this.
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